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Mostly migration - people on the move in Southeast Asia. Jams and photography, too. Curated by SLA on the Thai-Burma border.

Brian Eno & David Byrne: ‘America is Waiting’

Busy last couple of weeks. I know you were waiting. 

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Young Galaxy: ‘Peripheral Visionaries’




MP3: Young Galaxy: ‘Peripheral Visionaries’


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James Ferraro: ‘Killer Nerd,’ from Night Dolls with Hairspray. (testing, sort of)

MP3: James Ferraro: ‘Killer Nerd’

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Blog retool #437 underway, patience appreciated

In the meantime, some album art for eye candy - Puro Instinct and James Ferraro. 

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Kasit in NY: Repatriation Sought

More chilling news from Thailand’s MFA: 

'The Thai government is planning to repatriate Burmese asylum seekers after Burma holds its first elections in 20 years next month, raising fears that refugees could be sent back to war zones.' 

A                   Thai police officer stands outside the visa office at                   the Burmese embassy in Bangkok

See the full piece from The Guardian here

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Two Bicycles: ‘Holy Forest/Forever.’ From their Holy Forest EP, they being the acoustic side project of the blog-beloved Teen Daze. 

Via The RGEO

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The Curse of the Blue Diamond

A post on New Mandala led me to the full Reuters piece by Andrew Marshall - a quite lengthy run-through of a complicated but revealing story. Here’s the opening: 

The curse of the blue diamond has struck Thailand once again. The torturous two-decade saga of theft, deception, incompetence, corruption and murder burst back into the spotlight this month, doing renewed damage to Thailand’s economy, its relations with Middle Eastern countries, and prospects for reconciliation in its troubled mainly-Muslim southern provinces.’ 

Blue Diamond

There is also a very, very critical portrayal of the Thai police, and their penchant for getting tied up in criminal violence. For example: 

What does the saga tell us about Thailand? Firstly, it illustrates the stunning extent of criminality within Thailand’s police. As The Economist pointed out in a 2008 article: ”In Thailand’s most sensational crimes, the prime suspects are often the police.” The country’s police have shown time and time again that they are far more inclined to commit crimes than to solve them. Many Thais have developed a weary acceptance of police behaviour and are rarely surprised even by the most blatant and lurid tales of corruption.’

Maybe I should also mention the crazy, unattributed photo included in the story. Or, have a look above. 

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Twin Sister: ‘Meet the Frownies.’ I gather there have been Fleetwood Mac comparisons. 

Twin Sister: "Meet the Frownies"

This via AZ, because I’m lazy, but they’ve been everywhere. 

Also, as mentioned previously, I’ve been coming upon a lot of really solid jams from around Southeast Asia, a lot of surf rock and funk in particular, and I’m psyched to get them up hereabouts. Time’s been lacking though, and I want to host the files a certain way - not sure how to do so yet. Patience, then. 

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'Echo of the Modern Times Migration'

This story from Win Myint Aung at Mekong Media’s Voice is quite solid. Do have a look

The opening gives a good sense of the piece: 

'Kyaik Paran village, which has about 150 households, is 10 miles from
Mawlamyaing and most of the villagers are Mon people. I found a teashop on the roadside when I went into the village by motorbike. Although I expected to hear a Mon song from the teashop, what I heard was Thai music. When I enquired about an address in the village, a villager told me to go forward until I found a KwayTeo shop (noodle shop) and the address I was looking for was just opposite. The fact that KwayTeo, a Thai delicacy, is available in such a place surprised me more. This suggests how much villages like this are related to Thailand.’

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Les Sins :: Lina

Les Sins, the dance side-project of Toro y Moi’s Chaz Bundick, has a 12” coming out  on Carpark Records November 12. Download the swirling “Lina” below and be sure stream the releases B-side, “Youth Gone,” as well. [via]


mp3 // Les Sins - Lina

On this today. 

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